Professor Barry Pinder Fletcher

Professor Barry Fletcher is a graduate of the University of Cape Town. He is a specialist in international taxation and economics and has been a member of the International Tax Planning Association (London) for over 30 years.

He is also a speaker at Oxford as well as international conferences in various jurisdictions, including the American Pharmaceutical Association.

In the area of philately, Prof. Barry Fletcher has owned fine collections of world rarities: Basutoland Officials, the French Occupation of Togo, Seychelles, and the Airmails of Colombia 1919-1923.

His philatelic publications include The Rare Basutoland Officials and A Collector’s Notes and Comments on the Rare and Mysterious Colombian Airmails – 1919-1923.

He has also authored many research papers on geographical and jurisdictional taxation, and has contributed articles in international journals, some in the archives of the International Tax Planning Association.

Prof. Barry Fletcher is a keen rock climber. In the late 1940s-60s, he pioneered a number of new climbs in South Africa, including “Touch and Go”, a difficult route on the west face of Table Mountain, a feat said to be ahead of its time. He has also climbed several slightly easier routes on El Capitan in the US. Read more about his rock climbing adventures here.

Thanks to an interest in amateur (ham) radio, Prof. Barry Fletcher has previously travelled to some 30 countries and islands around the Pacific and South African coast. In his spare time, he currently enjoys exploring the theology and rich history behind the Torah, Talmud and Judaic Christianity.

Prof. Barry Fletcher believes human trafficking is a scourge and actively supports action to eliminate it. He currently resides in South Africa.

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